Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Dividend Growth Stock Analysis: AFLAC

Supplemental insurance is a boring topic to talk about. Many people have it through their work, but most probably couldn't tell you who their provider is... unless its Aflac (AFL).  Its amazing what a good advertising campaign can do for a company. The Aflac duck has become the face (and sound) for the company and has made Aflac a easily recognized name.  But its not just advertising that Aflac does well, they also dominate their niche insurance business.  I was lucky enough to buy stock in Aflac in 2009 when there were fears of them holding too much toxic European debt.  Those fears have been calmed since then and the future is looking brighter now.  So let's take a look at how Aflac rates in this week's dividend growth analysis*.  READ MORE

* Based on my experience using this analysis model I have decided to make a small change to consecutive dividends paid and consecutive dividend raises. Previously I used > 30 years = 2 points but have changed this to > 25 years. This will be reflected from this analysis forward.

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