Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Introducing The 4% Portfolio

I have been working very hard the past six months on a new site that is designed to help retirees build a retirement portfolio for themselves. This website provides a more intelligent way for retirees to follow the 4% Rule without having to sell stock or reduce their overall retirement savings each year. I am very proud to introduce to you The 4% Portfolio

The 4% Portfolio allows individual investors to take control of their retirement accounts. The 4% Portfolio provides a smarter, simpler and less stressful solution to retirement investing and is designed around the following ideals.
  • Earn at least 4% in income each year through dividend payments without having to reduce your portfolio balance.
  • Invest only in safe, established companies with strong financial histories.
  • Increase the investor’s income each year through dividend raises.
  • Reduce volatility within your portfolio.
  • Reduce or eliminate worries about price fluctuations.
  • Eliminate the reliance on price appreciation to fund your retirement.
  • Eliminate paying high fees to the big financial corporations.