Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Why Dividends Are The Best Source For Retirement Income

Are you currently planning for retirement and wondering what are the best investment options for generating retirement income in your golden years? If you are doing your own investment research you are likely overwhelmed with options and opinions on what is the best way to invest your nest egg. If you are asking your 401k provider or financial adviser for advice then you are probably left with limited mutual fund options that will quietly hit you with fees and expenses and provide you with minimal annual income without resulting in you selling part of your position each year.
What you won’t hear from the investment community, at least not the investment community that earns a living providing investment advice, is that dividend stocks are king when investing for retirement. There are several reasons why compiling a diversified portfolio of dividend paying stocks is a highly rewarding and low stress option for retirement investing. READ MORE

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Transocean Dividend Safety Analysis: High Yield, High Risk

Dividend income investors have been taking notice of offshore drillers in the current market as depressed prices in the industry have inflated yields. One of the largest in the industry, Transocean (NYSE:RIG), has felt the downward pressure of its stock price as it recently touched on 52 week lows. This drop in price also pushed the current annual yield of the stock above 7%.
There is great deal of bullish and bearish sentiment surrounding offshore drillers. Bears primarily point to decreasing demand for underwater rigs, increased competition, and significant drops in day rates as compared to their peak levels. Bulls note that this industry is typically cyclical, that many companies still have a strong backlog for their rigs, and that current stock prices present a good value.
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