About this Site:
Dividends Paid is dedicated to informing investors about the magnificent power of wealth generation provided by high quality dividend stocks.  It is meant to teach the novice investor on how to start and manage a dividend portfolio, as well as help the more experienced investors make dividend investing decisions.  My goal is to learn a thing or two along the way, as well as share some knowledge of my own that will make us all wealthier people.

About Me:
When I was a kid I was fascinated with the stock market and had planned on becoming a stock broker or analyst.  While still in college earning my Finance degree, the internet changed the way people bought, sold, and analyzed stocks.  This realization, as well as an internship at a large brokerage, turned me off from my original career goals.  Since then, finance and investing has become my hobby instead of my career.  I've always enjoyed discussing investments and giving friends and family investing advice.  I thought this would be a good platform to share my ideas with the entire world.