Thursday, December 15, 2011

Dividend Stock Analysis: Altria (MO)

I'm not sure there is a company that has created more wealth for investors over the past 40 years than Altria Group (formerly known as Philip Morris).  Between the dividends they collectively paid and companies that they've spun-off (Miller Brewing Company, Kraft Foods, and Philip Morris International) you would have made a great deal of money being a long-term shareholder.  Of course in hindsight investing we're all millionaires.  What we're concerned about is can Altria continue creating that type of wealth for its investors, or has its heyday passed by.  Altria is the latest stock I put through my analysis that was recently posted on


Side note:  When a stock like Altria creates so much wealth for shareholders it also can create a lot of loyalty.  As you will see in some of the comments on my post, these loyal shareholders don't take to kindly to my analysis of Altria as a future dividend growth stock.

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