Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Best Investment Advice You'll Never Take

Some of you may have heard of or even subscribe to the daily emails from the folks at DailyWealth.com. Although some of their stuff can be a little too "doom and gloom" or politically focused for my taste, they do have some good insights into the market.  They are also big proponents of dividend reinvestment and have written about it on many occasions. I found a recent article rather interesting, with the headline "The Best Investment Advice You'll Never Take".  Well, hopefully you're not one of those.

I guarantee you won't take my advice...

Over the past two weeks, I've shown you how to use the single greatest investment secret ever discovered. I've shown you how to buy capital-efficient companies and compound your wealth at double-digit rates – safely – for decades.

I've described exactly how to measure capital efficiency (it's easy) and explained the pitfalls to avoid (even smart investors fall into these traps).

Using just the information contained in these two essays, a little bit of common sense, and a little bit of discipline, you can become a world-class investor using this strategy. And yet... very, very few people will pursue this approach.  READ MORE

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