Friday, December 21, 2012

3 Unloved Dividend Stocks to Watch in 2013

I'm in full holiday mode and have been lazy with the articles this month. I've got a few ideas in the works, but currently lack the motivation to complete anything. I've also been in a holding pattern with any purchases until this stupid "fiscal cliff" nonsense gets resolved.  The one good thing that may come from this is that it could create some fantastic buying opportunities if there is panicked selling.  If it does, I'll be waiting to pounce on some stock sales. Speaking of sales, here's an article from that outlines two of my favorite holdings and one potential future holding.  

Three financially sound companies — but where’s the crowd?

McDonald’s Corp., Intel Corp and Microsoft Corp. (US:MSFT) offer a steady dividend and have the cash to increase shareholder payouts, but investors lately have given these blue-chip stocks the cold shoulder.

This year through Dec. 12, Intel (US:INTC)  shares were down 15%, ranking it as the No. 2 percentage decliner on the Dow Jones Industrial Average (US:DJIA) . McDonald’s (US:MCD) had dropped 11%, making it the No. 3 Dow decliner. Only the stock of troubled Hewlett-Packard (US:HPQ)  has fared worse.  READ MORE

Disclosure: I am long INTC and MSFT



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